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Volunteer Management

System for Nonprofits

Volunteer Management Software CRM
Discover Untapped Potential
We know that two-thirds of volunteers are willing to donate to the organizations at which they volunteer. Are you taking advantage of this loyalty? Our system makes it easy to mine your valuable data and tap into your hidden potential donors.
  Engage Your Volunteers
A volunteer who feels “in the know” and appreciated is a loyal volunteer. Our easy-to-use system allows you to segment your volunteers and keep them engaged on a regular basis through regular communcation, ease-of-use  and more.
Easily Report on your Volunteer Activities
With over 25 out-of-the box reports and the ability to create and customize new reports, you will have all of the information you need to manage and understand your volunteers. All of our reports can be exported to Excel, which you can use to import into your donor management system
  Save Valuable Coordination Time
Most nonprofits say that their biggest challenge is being under-resourced. We want to help free up your over burdened volunteer coordinators’ time by making every day tasks a breeze! Free yourself from paperwork and give yourself time to engage more deeply with your volunteers.
Customized Volunteer Website
We customize your volunteer web portal to reflect your branding and desired interface. It provides an easy-to-use system where individuals or groups can sign up for opportunities, and a check-in/check-out kiosk for accurate time tracking.
  Login From Anywhere
With today’s ever-changing workplace and unreliable hardware, you want a system that is cloud-based and fully supported from anywhere you are. VolunteerConnect runs on Salesforce.com, a leading CRM platform.

“We no longer spend endless hours trying to read manual sign-in sheets and verifying addresses by phone.”

Gloria Haney, Union Co.
Volunteer Services Coordinator

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We can help you both save your volunteer coordinator’s time and unveil untapped potential in your donor database by providing an enterprise volunteer management system.

We enable your volunteers to register, schedule their activities and provide a way to track detailed reports on volunteering, all online in a user-friendly web-based system. VolunteerConnect also allows you to leverage that information to communicate with your supporters, provide additional activities and identify which might be good targets for becoming financial donors.