How does VolunteerConnect save time? 
VolunteerConnect eliminates paperwork, consolidates functions and streamlines communication. All data is collected in one place, allowing you to easily report, track and communicate with volunteers.
Can we manage groups with the VolunteerConnect? 
Yes!  VolunteerConnect creates customized volunteer group pages that can displayed on your organization’s website. Individuals or group leaders can sign up for group opportunities through these pages.
Can we customize or configure it to our organization’s needs? 
Yes, VolunteerConnect can be configured to fit into your process. Pick the look and colors, volunteer roles, requirements, opportunities, email templates and many other options. 
How can we communicate with our volunteers? 
VolunteerConnect makes volunteer communication easy. Send out emails to those signed up for a shift, post messages on the volunteer web site or group page, or access mailing addresses and phone numbers. 
Will we lose the personal touch we have with our volunteers? 
VolunteerConnect gives you a variety of ways to reach out and connect with volunteers. Volunteers enjoy the system’s easy access and familiar look of the web interface, increasing your organization’s personal touch. 
How can we use the data for development purposes? 
All volunteer information – companies, affiliations, contact information, etc. - lives in one place making it easy for development personnel to access and leverage data for marketing, donor solicitations and mailings.
Will this work with my Donor System? 
Yes! We know managing donor information is vital to your business.  VolunteerConnect can be configured so you can export your  volunteer data intor your donor management system. 
Do we have to install the software and only use one computer? 
VolunteerConnect is built on and is accessible from any computer at any time. You will not have to install or host any new software.
What will it cost my organization? 
VolunteerConnect’s tiered pricing model is based on your organization’s size and specific needs, making it the go-to volunteer management system for both small and large organizations. Contact Us to setup a free consultation so we can provide pricing for your organization.
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We can help you both save your volunteer coordinator’s time and unveil untapped potential in your donor database by providing an enterprise volunteer management system.

We enable your volunteers to register, schedule their activities and provide a way to track detailed reports on volunteering, all online in a user-friendly web-based system. VolunteerConnect also allows you to leverage that information to communicate with your supporters, provide additional activities and identify which might be good targets for becoming financial donors.